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Real Story of a Customer

Mark talks about his experience With cryptocurrency and our team
This is the story of one of our customers, we will call him Mark. In 2017 Mark heard about the promising world of cryptocurrencies from a friend. Intrigued by the potential for high gains, he decided to invest in Ripple (XRP), one of the prominent digital assets in the market. Hello Mark, can you tell us about your initial encounter with cryptocurrency? I was very enthusiastic about cryptocurrency when they started to become mainstream. Eager to get started, in 2017 I purchased a significant amount of XRP, one of the leading digital assets in the market. At first, everything seemed smooth sailing. The value of my XRP investment started to grow steadily, and I felt a sense of excitement about the prospects of this newfound financial venture. I was very excited. What happened after with you XRP investment? At first, I didn't fully comprehend the importance of securing my digital assets properly and with time this became a problem. I realized that I had neglected to save my secret key and set up a recovery phrase for my Ripple wallet. For those who do not know what it is - recovery phrase is a crucial safety measure that enables users to regain access to their wallets in case of any unfortunate incidents, such as lost passwords or device failures. As I understood that without a recovery phrase my funds were very much at risk, I started to feel anxious. In that moment I decided that it was time to take action to enhance the security of my investment. I wanted to move my XRP to a new safer wallet but, as a newcomer to the cryptocurrency world, the process of transferring funds to a new wallet appeared daunting and technical. This is when I reached out to AIC ESTONIA for the first time. How did you find out about our company? Feeling overwhelmed and not wanting to make a mistake that could result in a permanent loss of my investment, I spoke to a friend who at the time had Bitcoin, He was using AIC ESTONIA's service so he introduced me. How was your experience with our company? When I was introduced to your team, they immediately understood my predicament and were eager to help. They guided me through the process of creating an account and securely transferring funds. The company's experts patiently explained the steps involved. It was a great experience. What service did you use? First, for a safer storage of my XRP I choose to apply to CSS. Once everything was set up and I saw my funds finally safely stored in a secure environment, I felt a sense of relief and accomplishment.Later, I used to other services too. With the confidence that my assets were well-protected, I started to wonder about other investment opportunities and diversifying my crypto portfolio. Upon talking to my asset manager, I decided to exchange some of my currency and staked part of it. Do you want to leave a message to new people approaching cryptocurrency? I think it is crucial to understand how to protect your assets from potential threats, such as hardware failure, or unauthorized access. Cryptocurrency are great but the risks for new users are many. Now I finally understood the significance of securing the recovery phrase and the importance of seeking professional assistance when facing challenges in the crypto world.

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