Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Asset Portfolio(CAP)is a selection of investment portfolios that gathers crypto currencies carefully selected and categorized depending on their level of risk and profit potential.

Conducting in-depth analysis of projects, their associated teams, company finances and background we identify fraudulent and discontinued projects.Analyzing asset merits and trends to perform forecasts of asset value.

Using the above criteria, we categorize cryptocurrencies by their level of risk in comparison to potential profits.

Clients are then afforded the luxury to choose their CAP to accommodate their desired level of risk compared to potential profitability.

In recent years the number of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin have increased substantially.

These are traded across a multitude of exchanges across the world. Among these, some have had their asset values rapidly increase, whilst others have seen continued downward trends.

Cryptocurrency world can be a little confusing at first, and it takes a lot of research to both get started and be always up to date.

CAP is the result of AIC Estonia analysts’ researches, to help users make an investment that suits their requirements.

CAP is created for:

  • people who want to invest a limited amount in more than one currency at the time, to reduce the possible risks.
  • people who do not know how trading works
  • people who wish to avoid any problems concerning creation or management of many different accounts

Defend, Parity and Attack

Minimum purchase amount is 1,000 EUR.

Maximum purchase amount is 10,000 EUR.

CAP can be purchased only in units of 1,000 EUR (i.e. 2,000 EUR, 3,000 EUR, etc..)

10% fee on purchased amount

Within 4 working days
Please understand that we are an OTC exchange, and our procedure times are a bit longer than online exchange platforms.

Yes, we do.
Our storage service option is called Crypto Storage Service (CSS). You can read CSS’s FAQ below.

Yes, upon request we can transfer your currencies to your wallet.

As each individual cryptocurrency may be required to be stored and managed on their own respective digital wallet, clients can be subject to inconvenience or potential security risks whilst managing multiple wallets and accounts.

Depending on the cryptocurrency, it may also be possible to store assets in a wallet held on an exchange. However, doing so places these assets at risks of hacking, as well as at the mercy of the exchange’s servers and continued business.

Furthermore, by opting to manage their assets themselves, clients place themselves at the vulnerability of hacking, potential loss of account information, or leakage of confidential data.

In order to prevent such problems, AIC Estonia provides clients with a custody service using computer generated alphanumeric passwords to securely store assets.

CSS is created for:

  • people who have limited time and energies to keep their cryptocurrencies easily and safely stored.
  • people who wish to avoid any problems concerning unsafe encryption or management of many different passwords.

10% fee on the amount put into custody, to be charged at the moment of withdrawal to customer wallet or at the moment of exchange into fiat

Yes, upon request we can exchange for you one single currency of the CAP you previously purchased. We do not trade or manage currencies on behalf of our customers, we only exchange them when requested by the user.

Please be aware that we charge 10% fee for cryptocurrency exchange service.