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Tailor-made Crypto Custody

Experience the benefits of our bespoke custody services for your crypto-currency assets. Reduce complications with our adaptable and flexible solution.

Crypto Storage Services (CSS)

CSS offers the ideal solution for safeguarding and managing cryptocurrency by securely holding and protecting private keys against potential theft or loss while granting customers access to their assets as needed. In addition to our primary services, we offer value-added services that aim to optimize the potential value of your cryptocurrency investments.

CSS Benefits

CSS cryptocurrency storage is safe and secure. While currencies are stored and invested, our users can focus on their other activities.
Secured storage managed by experts
We prioritize the safety and security of the cryptocurrency under our custody, employing a combination of top-tier secure storage facilities, robust security protocols, multi-signature wallets, offline storage, and physical security measures to protect against potential hacking attempts and theft.
Convenient management
Our solution prioritizes both ease of access and high-level security, eliminating the need for technical knowledge or the hassle of managing multiple private keys or wallets. With our solution, accessing stored assets is effortless and user-friendly, while maintaining optimal levels of security.
Diverse portfolio
CSS allows to hold a wide cryptocurrency portfolio. As a complimentary service we offer the possibility to purchase or exchange currency while enrolled in CSS.
Staking is available as an option for long-term investments. Assets put into staking are locked to gain an additional interest from the blockchain network.
Online reporting
The online system displays performance and transaction history, to be always informed about the currency performance.


Reduce risks and complications with increased security measures.

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