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Crypto Asset Portfolio

CAP provides clients with a collection of cryptocurrencies which compromise an investment portfolio.
In recent years the number of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin have increased substantially. These are traded across a multitude of exchanges across the world. Among these, some have had their asset values rapidly increase, whilst others have seen continued downward trends.
CAP identifies potential investments by analyzing the following criteria:
Conducting in-depth analysis of projects, their associated teams, as well as company finances and background.
· Identifying fraudulent and discontinued projects.
Analyzing asset merits and trends to perform accurate forecasts of asset value.
Using the above criteria, we categorize cryptocurrencies by their level of risk in comparison to potential profits. Clients are then afforded the luxury to tailor their CAP to accommodate their desired level of risk compared to potential profitability.

Cryptocurrency Storage Service

AIC Estonia provides their clients with storage and management services of the client’s cryptocurrency assets.
As each individual cryptocurrency may be required to be stored and managed on their own respective digital wallet, clients can be subject to inconvenience or potential security risks whilst managing multiple wallets and accounts.
Depending on the cryptocurrency, it may also be possible to store assets in a wallet held on an exchange. However, doing so places these assets at risks of hacking, as well as at the mercy of the exchange’s servers and continued business.
Furthermore, by opting to manage their assets themselves, clients place themselves at the vulnerability of hacking, potential loss of account information, or leakage of confidential data.
·In order to prevent such problems, AIC Estonia provides a storage service using computer generated alphanumeric passwords to securely store assets. In addition, the service provides clients with the ability to securely send and receive their cryptocurrencies on demand through secure channels, without placing their assets or data at risk.

"Attack” focuses on high risk, high reward projects. Most are not yet fully developed, so they have more potential growth than existing projects such as Bitcoin.

Trading System 20%
Decentralized Market 30%
Data Sharing 40%
Digital Market 10%

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By combining slow but steady growing developed project and risky but fast growing projects under development, “Parity”has high chances to increase its value while lowering loss risks.

Digital Gold 30%
Payment Platform 20%
Data Sharing 20%
Digital Market 30%

Risk Neutral
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”Defend” focuses on long-term investment and focuses on slower and steady growth. ”Defend” avoid risks and focus on virtual currencies established with strong fundamentals.

Digital Gold 40%
Smart Contract 30%
Decentralized Exchange 20%
Decentralized Internet 10%

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AIC Estonia provides a storage service using computer generated alphanumeric passwords to securely store assets. Please understand that we do not provide asset management of cryptocurrencies for our customers.

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About AIC

Our aim is to facilitate this change from traditional systems to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Hidenori Ayano
AIC is a pioneering company promoting a new currency exchange system that utilizes Bitcoin, Ripple and other cryptocurrencies to make international transactions.
The advent of blockchain technology has brought about a new method of conducting international remittance. Without the need to rely on anachronistic systems, transactions through blockchain can be conducted near-instantly, at low prices, without being hampered by national borders.


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