Usaldusväärsete virtuaalvaluuta investeeringute ja hoiuste allikas.

How to get started

Submit application and get digital ID

Pay state fee for application and choose a pickup location for your digital ID. State fee: €100

Choose service provider and establish company

Obtain an Estonian contact person and legal address. State fee: €50-100 monthly average

Register company in Estonia

Pay state fee for company registration and form your company’s structure.

Apply for business banking

Find a fintech partner in our service provider marketplace to cover your company banking needs.

Start your fully-functional internet business with an EU company – from anywhere in the world – without the need for travel. No paperwork! No bank queues! No complexity! Estonia is the most advanced digital society in the world that makes starting an internet business easier to anyone one click at a time.

Remote Company Management

Establish and run your Estonian company remotely anywhere in the world with your government-issued digital ID-card.

Trusted EU Environment

Operate in a transparent business environment of an EU and take advantage of cross border business opportunities.

Low Administrative Costs

Run your EU-based business with lower administrative costs than running in other EU states.

About AIC

Our aim is to faciliate this change from complicated launch flow to easy establish company and grow up for global

Hidenori Ayano
AIC is a pioneer in promoting international systems using blockchains, focusing on advanced IT technologies in Estonia.The advent of blockchain technology has led to new ways of doing international remittances and new forms of contracts. Instead of relying on chaotic systems, using blockchains allows you to make credible transactions without being tied to borders.


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