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Where to get a degree in Cryptocurrency?

It is now possible to obtain a degree in cryptocurrency- The University of Nicosia (Cyprus) has launched the first Master of Science degree in Digital Currency that is offered to students worldwide through an online format.

The Master of Science degree in Digital Currency is foremost designed to help financial services and professionals in business, government officials, entrepreneurs and public administrators to better understand the technical underpinnings of digital currency, how it will likely interact with existing monetary and financial systems, and what opportunities exist for innovation in digital currency systems.

The program goal is to fill an important gap that exists today between the supply of and demand for academic knowledge in the area of digital currency. In detail, while the interest in digital currencies has become intensely popular in the past few years, academic institutions have been slow to implement academic programs that cover the need for educating specialists in the area, addressing it in its entirety (technical and financial aspects alike).

This programme bridges the gap in specialist and generalist knowledge in this multidisciplinary field and positions the university as a leader in Bitcoin and Blockchain technology education globally.

More vitally- the alumni who put together the program have identified a dearth of apolitical, responsibly accurate and accredited education on the many facets and disciplines that comprise this industry. A quickly growing number of finance, banking, computing, supply chain, SaaS (software as a service) and IoT (Internet of things) businesses are discovering the benefits of this technology. This new potential and the new risks it may involve have to be carefully evaluated by expert lenses, not just in one field, but through the interface of many expert tangents.

In this increasingly competitive and interconnected environment, challenges abound and there are no easy solutions. The more spherical the education, the more responsible business decisions can be made, and the best vectors to maximize the advantages out of the use of this technology can be achieved.

The MSc in Digital Currency is offered online to students worldwide and the language of instruction is English. The first course in the degree pathway, Introduction to Digital Currencies, is available for free as an open enrollment MOOC course to anyone interested in learning more about the fundamental principles of digital currency. The program is offered in the English language with a study duration of 18 months.






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