eToro Launches eToroX

eToro is the world’s most popular trading network today, with millions of users. It is so popular because the platform provides all users with innovative tools for both trading and investments. eToro was originally founded in 2007 by David Ring, Ronen Assia and Yoni Assia.

A simple explanation of eToro: it is huge platform where anyone can create a portfolio including cryptocurrencies, commodities, ETF’s, stocks etc.

As eToro’s Managing Director, Doron Rosenblum, noted: “In the coming weeks and months we will add more cryptoassets, stablecoins and tokens to the exchange and will work with other exchanges to encourage them to list our growing range of stablecoins, eToroX targets more advanced crypto traders by providing them with a regulated and secure environment to trade crypto assets on the blockchain.

Recently, eToro launched eToroX, which is another version of eToro, aimed for professional traders that are trading tokenized assets.

eToros core values


One of the goals eToro has is removing barriers and making trading and investing online more accessible to the everyday user. When joining eToro, the platform aims to make new users feel like a part of the community from the very beginning. eToro’s team knows that that a significant number of people are using multiple platforms in order to manage their capital online- this is the reason why eToro’s team goals is to constantly expand the product they offer- to eventually have a platform which includes all user’s finances.


eToro has been around since Fintech Revolution. The team is always trying to develop eToro platform to get better and bigger by upgrading the services and tools provided.


On eToro, users can interact and also learn from each other. The platform is user-friendly and intuitive.


People who use eToro platform will be opened to every piece of information- eToro does not hide any transaction fees or prices of services. The team makes sure that all vital information is public and available for every single user on the site.


eToro is constantly striving towards perfection- there are guides on eToro in order for users to have the best possible experience.

List of new instruments added to the exchange:

  • 8 fiat-stablecoins (eToro New Zealand Dollar (NZDX), eToro Japanese Yen (JPYX), eToro Swiss Franc (CHFX), eToro United States Dollar (USDEX), eToro Euro (EURX), eToro Pound Sterling (GBPX), eToro Australian Dollar (AUDX), eToro Canadian Dollar (CADX)
  • 6 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin)
  • 37 pairs including BTC-USD, XRP-GBP etc.